Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Dinosaurs come to Bloomfield Hills!

So one of the great things about this area is Cranbrook (mostly cause while it always has cool stuff - about once a year or every two years they get cool dinosaurs. And if there's one thing Evie and I love... well its dinos.

So Evie and I finally got to go to the new dinosaur exhibit at the Cranbrook Institute of Science. Dinosaurs: Land, air and sea! http://science.cranbrook.edu/

Wow it was cool and spoooooky! So we went and saw the little play area first - till evie got comfortable with the noise. She's a baby so it takes her longer. They have these sounds as if you were actually there with them and your gonna get attacked! (Okay maybe not)

Mommy was impressed, I could immediately pick out the Dromaeosaurus, Protoceratops, Allosaurus and Elasmosaurus, velociraptor and some others. Then there were a bunch I hadn't heard off, like this one thats related to the dromaeosaurus but not its a bambi...saurus thingy.

Anyway it was really cool and we didn't have enough time (we went after school and only had an hour). We are harrassing mom to go back.

We were all ROAR and they were all Roar and there were other ids and then BOOM ex- exc-all gone then more and they are really cool!

Oh and don't forget to look up!

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