Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Here birdie birdie birdie

Birding! Mom, mom, mom, is it today?
Evie, mom said yes. sheesh
And Julie is coming too?

That's right, the kids wanted to go birding. After all, if watching birdies in your backyard is fun, it must be better to see some in other places too!
And there was Franklin Nature center nearby that we hadn't been to, so we invited a friend and headed off to find some birds.

Not only did we see lots of cool animals but it was lovely and warm and there were cookies (cause Sloan had some packed in his medical kit).

Sloan definately saw the most creatures (Julie and me were having fun racing around and being butterflies). And Julie had the coolist glittery binoculars tat she made herself.
But we saw some birds... and a deer (oooh) and another bird.. and a frog. Wow, it was so fun.

Order in the Court?

So we did a couple of court cases - Evie and I watched some videos about courts and read a book and we made note cards for each position in the court and what they do so that people could decide who they wanted to be! It was pretty cool.
The Case of the Stolen Cookies
The Case of the Turned off Movie
and a third one I can't remember. But I DO know we had a lot of fun and their were JUSTICE CUPCAKES for afterwards.. so that was really good.
 I also see that mom still can't get the hang of laying one of these posts out and having photos in it. 
Okay gotta go. 

Wow it has definatly been a long time since we've updated this blog.
Really sorry about that.
Well, its time to restart things!
What better way than with a day in court
No, no don't worry, this was a FUN court. And it was in our house... with our friends and puppets... so it was okay... trust me.

Here, maybe its better if I start with HOW this came about...
It started when me (Sloan) learned about those 3 branches of government. Legis-latured? something like that... and the executive (you know thePresident?) and the judges. Well we didn't learn much about the judges, just the other two right, and I wanted to know what the judges one did... so mom asked if I wanted to do a court day.
Of course I said YEA! Cause court party!

Lawyer for the defense questions her client

Witness cross examination of the defense client

This witness is hostile 

Its hard to swear on the ipad and hold your pretzels

Plaintiff lawyer questioning a witness

Court reports debate the fine points of their transcriptions
Bailiff Ellie swears in  caption

Best quote was Evie "Do you promise to the the whole truth and all of the lies?"
Lawyer for the plaintiff questions a witness in the case of the Stopped Movie
Bailiff Ellie swearing in the monkey witness