Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Here birdie birdie birdie

Birding! Mom, mom, mom, is it today?
Evie, mom said yes. sheesh
And Julie is coming too?

That's right, the kids wanted to go birding. After all, if watching birdies in your backyard is fun, it must be better to see some in other places too!
And there was Franklin Nature center nearby that we hadn't been to, so we invited a friend and headed off to find some birds.

Not only did we see lots of cool animals but it was lovely and warm and there were cookies (cause Sloan had some packed in his medical kit).

Sloan definately saw the most creatures (Julie and me were having fun racing around and being butterflies). And Julie had the coolist glittery binoculars tat she made herself.
But we saw some birds... and a deer (oooh) and another bird.. and a frog. Wow, it was so fun.

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