Monday, November 15, 2010

NATURE listings

So mom found us this list of local Nature Centers. Now to decide where to go first...
So many choices. Which one would you go to first?

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Art hunt part 2

In honor of the DIA's 125th anniversary - we've hunted down the next painting.
Mom says this one is Judith and maidservent with head of Holofernes.

Anyone else hunting artwork?

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The art hunt is on!

I think we talked about the DIA 125th anniversary art hunt! Go to this link for more information. But hurry, its only on through end of November! (

Well just outside of the Cranbrook Institute of Science is this cool art piece!

Its The Plaza San Marco by Canaletto

Go see what cool art you can find (and hey, these pieces you can touch without getting yelled at!)

Dinosaurs come to Bloomfield Hills!

So one of the great things about this area is Cranbrook (mostly cause while it always has cool stuff - about once a year or every two years they get cool dinosaurs. And if there's one thing Evie and I love... well its dinos.

So Evie and I finally got to go to the new dinosaur exhibit at the Cranbrook Institute of Science. Dinosaurs: Land, air and sea!

Wow it was cool and spoooooky! So we went and saw the little play area first - till evie got comfortable with the noise. She's a baby so it takes her longer. They have these sounds as if you were actually there with them and your gonna get attacked! (Okay maybe not)

Mommy was impressed, I could immediately pick out the Dromaeosaurus, Protoceratops, Allosaurus and Elasmosaurus, velociraptor and some others. Then there were a bunch I hadn't heard off, like this one thats related to the dromaeosaurus but not its a bambi...saurus thingy.

Anyway it was really cool and we didn't have enough time (we went after school and only had an hour). We are harrassing mom to go back.

We were all ROAR and they were all Roar and there were other ids and then BOOM ex- exc-all gone then more and they are really cool!

Oh and don't forget to look up!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Not so much travel lately

Gosh, I just realized we haven't been going anywhere recently. Well, not physically anyway.
But Evie and I have been traveling lots by book and little pirate ship.

Well we were just at our grandma and Juba Stanley and they gave us a globe. (Though daddy keeps pointing out that some of the places on it have changed names now). So the other day we traveled to Hawaii and to different places in Michigan. Though its lots harder to find a good playground on a globe than it is in real life.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Travel with daddy

So Evie and I, we like to go to Waterford Oaks. Its near, its fun, its got lots and lots of things to climb (which we like).

Well, I had forgotten that we've never taken daddy there. I remembered when he yelled at us to get off the rocks. If you haven't been there before, there are lots of rock walls to climb - the cool part... they are actual rocks. Sometimes this seems to confuse parents (like daddy thinking we needed to stay off them). But I explained that here we could climb everything... once he understood... daddy had fun climbing the rocks up and down too. I think Eve sums it up best...

Daddy=Mountain Goat

Now go climb some rocks!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Art of Geocaching!

I wanted to go geocaching since we went camping. Now my mom found this thing where the Detroit Institute of Arts has this geocache where you can find big art pieces all around town and different counties. This one below is in my town just near the library. And evie and I got to go hunt it dow. Now everytime we go to the library we go check on it to make sure its still there.


If you want lots of cool art and lots of geocaching fun check out this link. Oh and you don't have to have the GPS thingy, the link below will give you locations. That way everyone can play. See you at the artwork!

Volunteers are awesome!

Okay Evie and I don't volunteer, we have Mom for that. But we got invited to a really cool party for the Oakland County Volunteers yesterday at Independence Oaks.

I always like the nature center (Wint).
I liked the puppets (they have all these animal puppets to play with and I decided that the spider had a birthday and all the animals were there for the party. But then I decided that all the baby animals were having their autumn birthday (cause they have one each season) and it was a big party and mommy possum took the other animals for a ride on her back and yeah.

But then we went to this star lab and I liked the stars really lots. I didn't like the dark, when it got really dark I couldn't see - but then the stars came on and it was way cool. I liked it when he put on the cylinder that showed the greek star groups. (My favorite was the eagle).

The puppets were okay and the starlab thingy was neat (but I made daddy leave cause I couldn't just run from one side to the other and back.) I liked the s'more making and kayaking. I made mommy take me out on one of the kayaks. I liked it lots (even got to use the paddle) when mommy went where I wanted her too it was good. Sometimes I had to correct her steering though.

Oh and there was lots of games and geocaching. I like geocaching we got to go around the park. But then I made mommy and daddy take us back to the nature center - those puppets needed to finish their birthday party.

A long and exciting day... I wonder when I get my nap...

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The perfect park

While Sloan was at school I've taken over the posting. Today mommy took me to a playdate at Depot Park in Clarkston

Squee, so cool!
Actual merry-go-round, ducks, slides, walking path, merry-go-round, and yeah a really pretty day!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Exercise, ye ha!

Have been trying to find new different places to exercise. While I enjoy running around the backyard, some days there's just not enough bars to duck under or pull myself up. So I like to make Mommy take me out to Waterford Oaks County park.

Just past the playscape and at the beginning of a trail going into the woods there is this exercise area. (Man I love this!) Ican swing and pull up and... okay I just don't understand situps... but will!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

S'more camping

The ghosts are hard to see, but if you spin really quickly with your flashlight you might catch a glimpse. Well that was what my one friend told me. Wow, ghost stories are really cool!

Even better with some warm cider, freshly burned marshmallows stuck on chocolate with graham crackers keeping them together.

Yeah that was a good night.

A is for Addison Oaks, B is for Bacon, C is for camping!

Camping! Tents! Running around hee hee!

Sorry, Evie still doesn't have many words but she was really excited when I told her we were going camping this weekend. We practiced putting up the tents last week (we wanted to practice sleeping outdoors).

It was exciting getting the car packed up, then heading out to the Addison Oaks. We got there just before sunset and got to watch the evening darken as we ran around exploring the campsite. Our friends joined us and then it was all games of tag and lots of fun running around and letting the parents do all the hard work. We even had a tent just for playing (you know in case it rained or Evie and her friend E needed to be contained).
It was cool, there was an open area to run around and play tag, there was bike riding around the driving circle.

Saturday started off with rain, rain and more rain... Its okay though, we were prepared. One of the families had a pop-up camper and we made up stories with the stuffed animals. Did you know that elephants like to share pizza with pink bunnies and Spottie the dog?

Once the rains stopped we were off to hunt treasures! (Find some geocaches) Oh and treasure in German is Schatz. We decided we were the Schatz Hunters! Off we went tracking here and there. Taking turns with one of the GPS thingies. It was cool to see how it changed the direction when I turned. Or how it would count down where we were.
It was crazy, you know at first it was cool, walking through this cool forest then we found an apple tree surrounded by oak and maple trees, a fat brown catapillar (he looked like he had a little face), then we found acorns, more oak leaves, and the direction North.
Then I it did get a bit boring, I mean everything started to look alike and then... we suddenly were at the location and hunting to find our treasure (mom spotted it first and then how cool! We found our first schatz!) After that we loved it. In fact we even found a treasure that wasn't on our list. Yeah, we are that good!

Then even better... we hid our own schatz. I can't wait till someone finds it.
Though less fun was the way back (well we did hike for about 3 hours). Oh but we saw the coolest frog and lots of mountain bikers and other hikers.

Back at camp it was hot dogs wrapped in bread and cooked on a stick then off to the play structure.

Apples, apples, whose picking apples?

Apple picking and fall... its like... well apple picking and fall. But so fun!
I mean the apples are great and all and then there's donuts and that cidery stuff and some places have play areas.

Well Evie and I decided to start the applepickingseason right with a trip to an orchard we hadn't gone to before. (Though that's pretty easy for Evie-she hasn't been to that many yet). But we decided to go to Erwin Orchard down in South Lyon, MI.
So we called up a bunch of friends and headed down to check it out.

This is Evie

and tractors
Donuts and cider, honey, apples and good friends and we even met this really cute puppy and more donuts. Squee!

Oh yeah, Evie is right but there was a lot of different tasty apples. We took this wagon trailer thing and it dropped us off at the beginning of the orchards. Then it was a hunt for the tastiest, best apples to put in our bags! There were Macintosh here and the next row, Cortland, then down a few more rows for these beautiful yellow ones... We had so much fun.

Hint: for those going the first time - if there is no line for donuts and cider buy those first then go do the apple picking. We found that after the picking the apples the line for cider and donuts was HUGE! But the line for fresh honey and honey combs was short and wonderful.


Hi there, welcome to our blog. This is really me and my sister's blog. I'm Sloan and 5 and then there's my sister Evie (she's not quite two yet) and anyway we like to go visit travelling and we thought someone needs to write a good blog for the kids. So here we are, hope you like it.