Sunday, September 19, 2010

Apples, apples, whose picking apples?

Apple picking and fall... its like... well apple picking and fall. But so fun!
I mean the apples are great and all and then there's donuts and that cidery stuff and some places have play areas.

Well Evie and I decided to start the applepickingseason right with a trip to an orchard we hadn't gone to before. (Though that's pretty easy for Evie-she hasn't been to that many yet). But we decided to go to Erwin Orchard down in South Lyon, MI.
So we called up a bunch of friends and headed down to check it out.

This is Evie

and tractors
Donuts and cider, honey, apples and good friends and we even met this really cute puppy and more donuts. Squee!

Oh yeah, Evie is right but there was a lot of different tasty apples. We took this wagon trailer thing and it dropped us off at the beginning of the orchards. Then it was a hunt for the tastiest, best apples to put in our bags! There were Macintosh here and the next row, Cortland, then down a few more rows for these beautiful yellow ones... We had so much fun.

Hint: for those going the first time - if there is no line for donuts and cider buy those first then go do the apple picking. We found that after the picking the apples the line for cider and donuts was HUGE! But the line for fresh honey and honey combs was short and wonderful.

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Geoffrey said...

The apples are still delicious, weeks later.