Sunday, September 26, 2010

Volunteers are awesome!

Okay Evie and I don't volunteer, we have Mom for that. But we got invited to a really cool party for the Oakland County Volunteers yesterday at Independence Oaks.

I always like the nature center (Wint).
I liked the puppets (they have all these animal puppets to play with and I decided that the spider had a birthday and all the animals were there for the party. But then I decided that all the baby animals were having their autumn birthday (cause they have one each season) and it was a big party and mommy possum took the other animals for a ride on her back and yeah.

But then we went to this star lab and I liked the stars really lots. I didn't like the dark, when it got really dark I couldn't see - but then the stars came on and it was way cool. I liked it when he put on the cylinder that showed the greek star groups. (My favorite was the eagle).

The puppets were okay and the starlab thingy was neat (but I made daddy leave cause I couldn't just run from one side to the other and back.) I liked the s'more making and kayaking. I made mommy take me out on one of the kayaks. I liked it lots (even got to use the paddle) when mommy went where I wanted her too it was good. Sometimes I had to correct her steering though.

Oh and there was lots of games and geocaching. I like geocaching we got to go around the park. But then I made mommy and daddy take us back to the nature center - those puppets needed to finish their birthday party.

A long and exciting day... I wonder when I get my nap...

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