Sunday, September 19, 2010

A is for Addison Oaks, B is for Bacon, C is for camping!

Camping! Tents! Running around hee hee!

Sorry, Evie still doesn't have many words but she was really excited when I told her we were going camping this weekend. We practiced putting up the tents last week (we wanted to practice sleeping outdoors).

It was exciting getting the car packed up, then heading out to the Addison Oaks. We got there just before sunset and got to watch the evening darken as we ran around exploring the campsite. Our friends joined us and then it was all games of tag and lots of fun running around and letting the parents do all the hard work. We even had a tent just for playing (you know in case it rained or Evie and her friend E needed to be contained).
It was cool, there was an open area to run around and play tag, there was bike riding around the driving circle.

Saturday started off with rain, rain and more rain... Its okay though, we were prepared. One of the families had a pop-up camper and we made up stories with the stuffed animals. Did you know that elephants like to share pizza with pink bunnies and Spottie the dog?

Once the rains stopped we were off to hunt treasures! (Find some geocaches) Oh and treasure in German is Schatz. We decided we were the Schatz Hunters! Off we went tracking here and there. Taking turns with one of the GPS thingies. It was cool to see how it changed the direction when I turned. Or how it would count down where we were.
It was crazy, you know at first it was cool, walking through this cool forest then we found an apple tree surrounded by oak and maple trees, a fat brown catapillar (he looked like he had a little face), then we found acorns, more oak leaves, and the direction North.
Then I it did get a bit boring, I mean everything started to look alike and then... we suddenly were at the location and hunting to find our treasure (mom spotted it first and then how cool! We found our first schatz!) After that we loved it. In fact we even found a treasure that wasn't on our list. Yeah, we are that good!

Then even better... we hid our own schatz. I can't wait till someone finds it.
Though less fun was the way back (well we did hike for about 3 hours). Oh but we saw the coolest frog and lots of mountain bikers and other hikers.

Back at camp it was hot dogs wrapped in bread and cooked on a stick then off to the play structure.

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