Thursday, August 16, 2012

Art Museum Adventure!

The adventures of Sloan and Evelyn!

Today we went to the Detroit Museum of Arts and got ice cream (not at the museum but after).

We saw different things and petted the donkey with the golden butt!

Here is Spiny with one of the outdoor sculptures ... and here is Evelyn looking at something (Mom note: This is the native american exhibit and she is playing with the map that shows how control of the land changed)

Here are our guests for our travelling, Ms. Sandy and Mr. Russ

Here we are touching the donkey with the shiny butt!
The only sculpture you can touch in the museum.

Sloan: Then we had lunch-I ate a chocolate sundae and had chocolate milk and guess what?
           I had a picture with my Orca! He was helping me write my journal.
Evelyn: I'm showing spiny my journal and showing him how to write.

Sloan: Here I am eating our chocolate sundaes
and orca is swimming through the ocean                    Evie: I'm eating chocolate and so is spiny

    Mr. Russ had to fight Spiny for his fries!                                    

                                                                         Ms. Sandy was able to eat before Spiny found her wings.

(Mom note: Now that the millage has gone through for the Arts Association the counties who voted yes get free admission to the DIA. So if you are in one of those counties and haven't gone, take an hour or two and head down to check it out)

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